3 arrows in the bulls eye of a target

Securing the right coverage, at the right time, in the right publications can make all the difference when it comes to branding your company or your issue. At Meridian Hill, our media professionals have a fundamental understanding of what drives the news cycle and how to successfully engage the media to create high impact, on-message coverage.

Meridian Hill serves as a media catalyst for our clients. By combining our diverse toolkit of media capabilities with your unique capabilities we ensure that your story is told to your target audience.

Winning the argument of public opinion is more than distributing press releases and submitting letters to the editor – to succeed in today’s media markets it takes a combination of the right tools and a deep understanding of national trends, great relationships and excellent timing.

We provide our clients with more than just strategies – we work with them to build self-sustaining, media operations and platforms that are customized to their specific needs. Whether your company or group has an existing media effort that needs to be optimized or you are starting from the ground up—Meridian Hill has an established track record of building highly effective public relations programs that deliver results.

We have also be very effective in transforming our client’s executive leaders into national opinion leaders on their top issues.

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